1. Each development is as unique as its purchasers, so we don’t have standard house types. We look at the space, the surroundings and the local influences and our in-house design team creates the blueprint for a new and individual environment, seeking advice and knowledge from external consultants where required.

    Internal layouts are designed to ensure that every inch of space is used to its full potential and that the different areas flow and relate to each other – so that our homes are practical as well as beautiful.

    The internal specification and finishes are selected to complement the design of each new home and to delight purchasers with their stylish quality. Our construction teams are involved from the very beginning, making the entire process, from design development, through site construction, to the handover of each finished home, as seamless as possible.

  2. Here at Lexi we have demonstrated a passion for construction projects and a commitment to deliver innovative and effective building solutions for our clients.

    As a family-run company we use this commitment and passion and apply through traditional family company values. High quality workmanship, fair pricing, and a caring and professional customer service has enabled us to generate a large proportion of our new business through recommendations. This approach means all our customers get the advantage of our years of experience, recommendations and advice throughout every stage of a project from design, planning, drawings, all building works, and even interior furnishing.

  3. We are constantly seeking out residential locations which will answer local needs and meet the aspirations of our various purchasing groups.

    With our detailed knowledge of the areas of operation and through our established land contacts, we can identify and uncover off-market opportunities, promote land for development and work with local communities to bring forward great developments.

  4. At Lexi Developments we take a proactive role in identifying opportunities for profitable housing and mixed tenure for our clients and investors, and then we work with them to maximize the development potential. Our experience in the land market is extensive, covering the entire Greater Vancouver area whether it is a single family end user lot, strategic land as well as mixed-use projects, and we also have the skill, tenacity and ability in-house to maximize development potential. This means we can offer partners access to professionally qualified staff with specialist knowledge of the planning system along with the technical ability to carry out detailed due diligence.

    We look at design and construction as an integrated system where imaginary creative ideas come into reality with feasible methods of construction weather through the most traditional methods or the most up to date technology. We set no limits to build a bridge between the past, present and future from the classical eras to the most contemporary designs. With a strong foundation of standards to build upon, we believe in change to develop, improve, and evolve for excellence.

  5. A strong team is the core of our success in project management.

    Whether you want us to oversee your project from the outset, or manage the work of another contractor, our project management services will ensure that things run smoothly.

    Our project management is a project-delivery system that uses a construction manager to facilitate the design and construction of a project by organizing people, materials and equipment. Our construction management services assure you that we will be leading the team from the first step till the last.

    We have systems in place to keep things running smoothly, on-time and within your desired budget. We are proud to say that we have never delivered anything less.

    There are several areas of focus for the construction management:

    1. Project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, safety management, and construction management.
    2. Planning project requirements such as manpower, financial investment, and operational standards
    3. Risk management in unusual conditions to solve issues with economical cost controls.
    4. Monitoring on staff and providing technical support projects.
    5. Conducting field services for civil works.
  6. Design is the foundation of any construction project. If the idea is set right, then the practice will happen right as well. Our design team is completely familiar with different styles and concepts including the traditional to the most modern. Serving our multicultural Canadian society, we are also an expert in ethnic styles of design to meet all interests and tastes. We believe that there is no limit when it comes to creativity. With such belief, we use any opportunity to create the most unique designs within your budget and your interest.

  7. Lexi offers high quality construction solutions for individuals and businesses. Our construction team will take the stress out of any project. LEXI’s construction approach is based on a knowledge, expertise and effective communication. We specialize in new builds, extensions, conversions, remodeling and renovations for both residential and commercial properties. Our construction services integrate schedule and cost control into day to day activities to keep projects on schedule and on budget.